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Every person wants a bouquet, presented by a loved one, or purchased to decorate the interior and raise the mood, to please as long as possible. Unfortunately, the flowers are short-lived, and the cost of a bouquet is disproportionate to the duration of its life. It is important to know that cut flowers are lively and react sharply to temperature and humidity. The optimum temperature for the maximum preservation of cut flowers is + 35 F... + 45 F degrees. Each variety has its own lifespan, respectively, different components of the prefabricated bouquet have a different wilt period. If you want a bouquet or composition to please the maximum amount of time, our recommendations for care will help you:


Make an oblique cut of the stems, at an angle of approximately 45 degrees, 1 in (2-3 cm) with a sharp knife or pruner. Such a cut will significantly increase the surface for the plant to absorb water.

Update the slanting stems with every water change, which should be done daily unless a special cut flower dressing is used. Wash the vase with antibacterial detergent every time you change the water.

Fill the vase with clean cool water so that about 1/3 of the stems are in the water. If the leaves get into the water, then they must be removed, because they contribute to the decay of water, and, accordingly, the wilting of flowers. You can use a special cut flower dressing. Do not add sugar or other substances to the water, this can lead to the growth of bacteria and damage to flowers.

Choose the best location for a vase of flowers or a composition. The ideal place is cool, with a supply of fresh air, away from direct sunlight, drafts, heaters, fruits, and vegetables.

Keep an eye on the amount of water in the vase, many flowers, for example, tulips and peonies, consume it in large quantities.

Add water to the center of the flower arrangement every 1-2 days as the floral sponge dries.

If there are flowers in the bouquet on floristic extensions, it is necessary to add water to the flask as the flower drinks it.

Do not leave the bouquet without water for more than 15 minutes.

Do not leave bouquets and compositions in a car with an idle engine for a long time, especially in hot and cold seasons.

Do not carry bouquets and compositions on the street without insulation at temperatures below +35 F degrees.

Decorative elements on wooden extension cords and short branches of greenery in a bouquet do not require special care and water supply.

Friends, if the bouquet wilted partially or completely too quickly, make sure how carefully you followed our recommendations.

We, the H.M. Floral Studio team, carefully monitor the freshness and quality of our bouquets, and want them to delight you as long as possible!

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